Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Hockey Sock

I've had my little PWD for almost 17 months now.  In all that time, he has never lacked any toys.  He has a collection of balls, Kongs, antlers (!), stuffed toys, unstuffed toys, bones, the very occasional rawhide chew, and of course, his many, many other doggy buddies.

Because we walk our little guy 4 times a day, he knows absolutely every dog within a 5 km radius of our home.  Actually, just yesterday, one of the other dog owners rang our doorbell.  He was in the area and he asked us if our dogs could have a playdate.  He left his dog with us and off he went.  About a half-hour later, we walked her back to her house.  Yes, this is a very typical day in my doggy's life.  Plenty of toys, friends and love from everyone in my family.  Believe me when I say my dog lacks NOTHING in life.

Yes, he sure does love to play with toys, but, being a typical Porty, he gets bored rather easily.  He'll play with something for about 10 minutes and either completely destroy it, or leave it under the sofa and completely forget about it.  He does this with almost everything....except...THE SOCK!

You see, although he's a Portuguese Water Dog, soccer balls are not really his favourite toy.  My little guy goes absolutely berserk for HOCKEY SOCKS!!!  It must be the Canadian climate we live in.  Last winter, one of the other dog owners brought a hockey sock to the park.  He tied it in a knot and through it up in the air.  My dog got one end and another little bulldog got the other.  This was about 10 months ago and I swear I still don't think either one has let go yet.  They pull and pull for hours.  No A.D.D. here.  My dog never loses interest.  He loves the sock.  He craves the sock.  When we go to the park, he runs past all the other dogs and goes straight to the dog-owner that brings the sock.  

The sock started out looking quick nice.  You could clearly see the stripes, and it's shape was intact.  Now, it's barely a shadow of itself.  It is raggedy and threadbare.  The knitting is all loose and you can barely make out what it use to be.  Many other socks have been brought to the park over the months...but the original HOCKEY SOCK, the one connecting my dog to the bulldog, that wonderful, smelly, torn up sock...well, that's my doggy's favourite toy in the entire world. and he just won't let go!!

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