Sunday, 12 August 2012

Too Bad they are Born as Puppies!

I love my little doggy!!. He is sweet, loving, playful, and for the most part, obedient.  Thanks to him, hubby has lost close to 30 lbs, my 15 year old son is out all day with him, and I do look mighty fine in a skirt (if I do say so myself!)

But, sadly, life wasn't always so picturesque.  There was a time, when our little 16 month old PWD was just 8 weeks old.  Yep, he was 2 months old when we brought him home.  He was a absolute terror.  Within the 1st 4 weeks of bringing him home, he had:

  • Eaten every throw pillow we had in the house
  • Gone through 2 leashes
  • Started eating our baseboards one room at a time
  • Ruined our slippers, flip-flops, and sandals (we got him in June and by August we had to replace everything!)
  • Ate our bath towels as well as dish towels
  • Ate our plants (both in the house and in our garden)
  • Peed and pooed on every carpet in the house
  • ...And bit us...very much...bit..bit ..bit...especially ME!
Now of course I know that he was only a puppy and had to be trained not to do these things.  Fast forward 14 months later and he is a dream dog.  But one morning, as hubby and I were having our coffee, we began to talk about the (good!) ole days, when our little doggy was a pup.  We then thought, "How wonderful would it be if dogs were born as adult dogs?  How great would it be to completely by-pass the puppy stage and have a full grown dog?"

Now I know, this can always be a reality if you want to adopt a dog.  Many people I know have adopted, 2, 5, and even 7 year old dogs.   But that's not what we meant.  We thought it would be great if puppies weren't part of the natural progress.  It would be great if an 8 week old dog was full grown.  Just think, no accidents in the house, nothing destroyed, obedient..and we'd still have the luxury of sharing our life with him for the next 15 years.

But, alas, the darned puff-balls are born as puppies.  Something we had to live with, but boy oh boy am I glad that puppy stage is over!!!

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