Sunday, 26 May 2013

Yes, my dog does have a "poo" noise!

I've had my dog for almost 2 years now.  In these last 24 months, we've had our ups and downs..I've fed him/he's bitten me...I've walked him/he's attacked me...I've taken care of him/he's eaten all the cushions off every sofa...I've petted him/he's sneezed in my face!  Yes, we've had our ups and downs...and we've had a very complex relationship.

And, in these 24 months, I've gotten to really know him.  I know when he's happy, I know when he's hungry, I know when he's tired, and..most importantly...I know when he has to relieve himself.  I'm not just talking about when I get home from work and he runs outside to pee (or mark every single solitary tree, bush, fence, railing, fire hydrant, mailman) in sight.  Nooo.  I'm talking the big one.  The yucky one that I, as a conscientious owner, have to pick up..I'm talking about his poop.  I can always tell when he has to poop.

You see, my dog has several sounds that he makes.  He has this kinda yawning noise he makes when he's super excited.  When he sees his girlfriend (a golden doodle about 2 months older than him), he yawns loudly and runs to her.  They can play together for ever..and he doesn't like it one bit when it's time to go home.

He also makes his stretching noise.  This one makes me quite envious.  When he wakes up in the morning, he gets down on the floor, stretches out his front paws, butt in the air (he looks a lot like a cat doing this).  He actually sighs.  He loves this.  Then he gets up and stretches out his back legs one at a time.  My husband and I think he was a Nordic skier in his previous life.  He just keeps on sighing until he's all stretched out.  I sure wish I could be that flexible.

Unfortunately, we've also hear his "I just got hurt" yelp.  Poor baby..he has, a couple of times, gotten his paw stepped on, or, when he was a puppy, the occasional 170 lbs Bernese would sit on his back.  The yelp breaks my heart.

Then he's got the "can't you see I want to play?" bark.  PWD's don't really bark all that much.  When they do, it's usually to get your attention.  So, if I'm talking to someone, or if the other dogs at the soccer field aren't paying attention to them..he barks just to let everyone one know to drop everything they are doing, and play with him.

Which brings me to his "poo" noise.  My hubby and son think I'm nuts..but I know the truth.  Whenever my little portie has to go, he makes a very complicated sound.  It's a cross between a yawn, yelp, and swallow at the same time.  I swear this is true!  There are some evenings, after dinner, after his walk, after we've brushed our teeth-and his..where he makes this sound.  Immediately, I order my, oh so wonderfully willing :( , 16 year old son to take him to the back yard because of the poo noise.    My son, who'd rather text then get up, refuses to believe this noise.  "Mom!!  He doesn't have a poo noise!!".  So of course, I turn to the next person closest to me and say to my hubby, "Oh sweetie, our dog is making his poo noise.  Can you please take him out?".  Hubby, who wakes up every morning at 5am, and who is almost dead asleep by 9p, looks at me and simply says, "no".

Now if my family just believed me, I wouldn't have to get up, put on a jacket, put on shoes, turn on the lights in the backyard (gotta scare away the skunks and raccoons), and go out there with him.  If my family would just believe me, I wouldn't have to take out the flashlight and go the the spot the dog "went"  I wouldn't have to get that wonderful poo bag, pick up after him, and leave it by the side of the house (where I hope to remember to remove it in the morning).  Yep, if my family only believed me, I could lie on the couch and bark out my orders to them...yep..they know our dog has a poo noise...but they're just wise to me.

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  1. Thanks for the update ! Oscar, our 4 month old has found his vocal cords in the past month or so. Sometimes it's an interesting sound and other times....well...let's just say it's unique! He's still biting with baby teeth,chasing us around, chewing on rocks and just basically being a naughty but fun puppy ! Thanks again !! Brian

  2. Hey, I‘m having trouble finding an email address. Can you email me back to ask you a question?

  3. My wife and I just stumbled on your blog. Thanks so much for the great read. It's very well written and funny as hell! We have a 12 week old female PWD that we've had for 3 weeks now, and we've also been calling her "demon dog" and "crazy eyes", among other things!!! We sooo relate to your experiences. I'm glad we're not alone. :) It looks like it's been over a year since your last update and we're curious to know how your relationship with the pup has progressed!
    P.S., we're also in Canada (Toronto) and my wife's favourite band is Depeche Mode...
    P.P.S., Martha Stewart also has a line of dog toys... we opted for ball over patio furniture to start!...

  4. WHO ARE YOU and where have you gone to???? We need answers! Especially coz I'm about to adopt a nice wittle PWD! :)

  5. One more canadian fan over here, we live in Montreal (tabarnak). I have a male 6 month old, brown wavey haired beautiful PWD, and just by reading your blog I feel relieved and happier in a way. I've had my ups and downs with Leo, but he's the most amazing dog I've ever had (I've had 5 different dogs beside me since I was born), thanks for sharing and keep it coming.